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Ella Dawson

This blog was a Godsend the first few weeks with herpes. All about living and dating with HSV!

"Ella Dawson is a sex and culture critic whose writing has been published by ELLE, MTV, Vox, Women’s Health, and more. In her talks, she speaks to the crisis of miscommunication in our lives, from our dehumanizing culture of casual sex to how shame keeps us silent about our mental and sexual health. Her TEDx talk about fighting herpes stigma has been viewed 600,000 times. Her work fighting herpes stigma was even recognized by Hillary Clinton."




Rich Mancuso is the author of the book ASKING FOR A FRIEND and founder of the website of the same name. He is a strong herpes education & awareness advocate who consistently shares science backed, reputable information in online support groups. He is the recipient of a trial vaccine for herpes that changed his life. He started a campaign to fast track the vaccine in the USA, which you can go sign & learn how to help these efforts in a real way.


His technical articles include scientific and medical study references, are educational and informative and will help you understand HSV on a technical level. Look here for your questions - he has probably already answered them.  


Rae Kennedy

Rae is a nurse and sexual health advocate who has a similar-ish diagnosis story to mine, she's built her own resource toolkit and shares it here! Her instagram is fire, her site is beautiful, she is honestly just dope as hell. Her IG & website taught me a lot about vulva care, period products and dental dams!

She has a monthly newsletter, leads live workshops online, gatherings in the Portland area, and you can even schedule personal calls with her ($)!  

project accept

While I don't agree with everything on this website, I love sharing this 16 page slideshow! It makes it easy to understand where herpes lives in the body and the corresponding areas it can affect with outbreaks. 

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