Support ya girl

If my podcast, my story, research, this site or anything else I've done or said has helped you out, you can help me out too!


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What will I do with donations?

I recently paid for a website host and bought an actual domain name/url so more people can find this website through a quick google search, not just my Instagram link and the "wix" website url. Any donations will go towards paying for the website host and the domain name and keeping it live. My goal is always for people to have easy search access to these resources. Donations also go to my internet bill. I need that to stay here. I work in the arts, and taking time to make the podcast and manage the online accounts and support others is time not spent working or making money.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Seriously.


Sharing the podcast directly with others & on socials is also deeply appreciated! Leave reviews!!

(I also have some wild plans for my herpes story AND have connected with some amazing people with whom I'm working on some really effing cool HSV projects that not only raise awareness, but de-stigmatize HSV in pop culture and media. As we get closer to these plans (my lone endeavors and my collaborations) becoming solid realities, I'll need to support myself through the many hours of unpaid work it takes to get these things off the ground. Like this project. You'll be the first to hear more, I promise.)

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