Legit changed my damn life

Daring greatly

by Brené Brown, Ph.D

This book changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. It felt like the author was speaking to me directly. Some chapters I was just burning through each page thinking to myself, "HOW DOES SHE KNOW?! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M FEELING. SHE IS GENIUS."

Brené Brown has the incredible ability to contextualize and put into words intricate mental and emotional experiences. This book was gifted to me shortly after diagnosis by someone who had no idea what I was going through at the time. Divine coincidence? 




by Regena Thomashauer, CEO, Teacher, Author

Stay with me here! Yes, the title is outrageous. That's the point. 

This book is an absolute must for vulva owners! I went into it skeptical, as I do most things, and I was BLOWN away. I promise you, if you go in with an open mind, the willingness to try new things and a ferocity to take back your sexuality, this will help you along the way! It will help you reconnect with your body, your feminine energy, your sexuality, and your identity. I ended up buying multiple copies and giving them to girlfriends because I refuse to live my life dominated by shame, fear of my own body or any other stupid bullshit society projects onto women and vulva owners, and I will do my darndest to make sure my friends don't either!


It's not about HSV; it's about knowing, living with, embracing and sharing the feminine. I plan on reading it many times over. Yes, those are my color-coded sticky notes on pages that resonated with me! Pussy Power! 

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